The start of an advertising agency

Hi, I’m Tim the owner of Elephants On Bicycles. I started in search engine optimization (SEO) theory back in 1997 when we were building Angelfire and GeoCities websites with our friends. I eventually had to grow up and get a job not doing what I enjoyed doing, but I was still building HTML websites by hand for fun. Until one day I was approached by a local business who found one of websites that I built and asked if I could help them. Wait a second; I could help people doing what I enjoy doing and get paid?!

Years went by, jobs changed but the side gigs of web design were always there. Until I worked for my first advertising agency. I was hired to do web design, but was quickly moved over to the SEO side of the advertising agency. Now I was getting formal SEO training and given tools instead of doing everything by hand… thing is, I still prefer doing it by hand.

After two years at the first firm I took the role of SEO lead manager at advertising agency that specialized in SEO. This role was interupted once I discovered the joys of the bicycle.

Deciding to give it all up I took a job at a local bicycle shop, where I am still at today. I love working in a bike shop and riding my bike everyday, but I also love the strategy of SEO still. So I present to you Elephants On Bicycles, an advertising agency that specializes in SEO for the bicycle industry. I’m also offering local SEO services to small businesses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.